book cover design

book coverCongratulations, you have just written a book and it’s about to published. Now it’s time to decide what you would like the cover of your newest book to look like. After all, this is the first thing people will see when they see a new book. You not only want your book cover to stand out, but you want it to portray an idea of what the book is about. Read further to find out how to successfully design a book cover.

Remain Open-Minded

If you have a complicated idea, the harder it will be to come up with a design to portray what you are trying to say. You want to remain general and professional, but find something that will attract readers to pick up your book. If you wrote a romance novel and want to have a couple on the cover, keep it general as the designers may not be able to find the exact description you¡¯re looking for. Don’t choose a specific scene to put on your cover as its not always the best way to attract readers. Additionally, potential readers may not have any meaning to those specific scenes and may not pick up the book.

It¡¯s also best to try and come up with a few different ideas for book covers as this will help the designers recreate possible design concepts. A symbolic, simple eye-catching design is much better than trying to depict a specific scene or character. It’s important to make sure you don’t break any copyright issues when submitting your book cover design as this could get you into trouble.

Keep the Main Character a Mystery

When it comes to your main character, you want to keep them a somewhat of a mystery and not display it on the front cover of your book. You want your readers to come up with their own image of how the characters look like. Again, it can be hard for designers to come up with a stock image that will fit the overall image of the character the author has in mind. If you do want to portray the main character on the cover, do so in a way where it still remains a mystery and the readers are still able to come up with their own image of how the character looks. It might help to go into local bookstores and find titles in the same genre as your new book.

There are many different ways you can design your book cover, so be patient and come up with a few different ideas you would like to have. By keeping an open mind, it will help greatly in this process as it will make your cover less complicated and more inviting to potential readers.